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Subtxt is an application for writing using advanced artificial intelligence technologies and narrative prediction tools. Its purpose is to support creators in generating insightful texts and create complete stories. It is distinguished by extensive brainstorming tools, an intelligent assistant based on artificial intelligence and unique narrative structures that are designed to enrich the content of the story and attract the attention of recipients. Subtxt not only helps the authors in writing, but also provides them with support at every stage of work. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the application can guess how history will develop, facilitating the creators in completing empty places and establishing continuity in the narrative. In addition, brainstorming tools allow creative thinking and generating new ideas, opening completely new creative horizons to writers. It is also worth emphasizing that Subtxt is characterized by the possibility of cooperation with other writers. Thanks to this, the authors have the opportunity to share ideas, comment and improve their texts. This joint work on history makes the final effect more consistent and complemented. The extraordinary advantage of Subtxt is his ability to grasp the attention of the recipients. Thanks to the unique narrative structures, the application allows creators to create intriguing texts that catch the eye of readers. This means that the recipients are fascinated by history and cannot break away from the text, which is one of the key goals of each writer. To sum up, Subtxt is a modern application for writers that uses the power of artificial intelligence and various tools to help creators generate sensible texts and create addictive stories. This is a versatile tool full of possibilities that perfectly complements the creative process and creates conditions to succeed as a writer.