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The TEACHERBOT tool is a powerful tool that allows teachers to create classes and plans at any level of teaching and subject, limiting themselves only by their imagination. It provides resources such as reading and writing materials, tasks planning, mathematics, kindergarten, primary school, high school and university, as well as support and contact information. This tool was created to help teachers in saving time so that they could be calm at home for dinner. Thanks to it, their work becomes more effective and creative, and at the same time gives them more freedom in creating lessons. The possibilities offered by Teacherbot are unlimited. This tool supports teachers in all aspects of the teaching process, enabling them to create class plans diverse and adapted to the needs of students. Considering various levels of teaching and subjects, Teacherbot becomes an irreplaceable tool in the hands of teachers who want to provide high -quality education to their students. For teachers, this is not only a way to organize work effectively, but also an opportunity to expand their skills and creative approach to teaching. Resources and contact information contained in the tool allow teachers to easily find support and solve any problems. The TEACHERBOT tool is why it is so useful and valuable for the educational environment, because it perfectly fits into the developing needs of teachers and students in the modern world.