Thing Translator

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The translator’s website from Google Thing allows users to use the phone camera to translate physical items from one language into another. He uses artificial intelligence to identify objects, and then translates the lyrics placed on them to the language chosen by the user. In addition, it allows users to save and share translations. Thanks to this tool, we can easily discover new concepts and understand their importance in our native language. The photo that we will take with the camera will be analyzed by advanced algorithms that identify the object and recognize the text placed on it. Then, thanks to artificial intelligence technology, this text will be translated into a language that we can choose in the settings. Regardless of whether we are traveling or faced a language with a language unknown to us, a translator from Google Thing becomes our invaluable companion, helping us understand the world around us. In addition, the tools allow us to save translations, so we can easily recall the meaning of individual words and phrases. We can also share our translations with other people, which is particularly useful in situations where we want to share the discovered information with other travelers or scientists. The translator from Google Thing opens new communication opportunities, bringing us closer to other cultures and enabling us to explore the world at a completely new level.