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The powerful POBIAI Annotation Platform provides a quick and effective way to mark data, train and implement non -standard NLP models. It offers a tool for OCR annotation, which enables effective and high -quality data designation, team cooperation, model annotation support, classification of documents, extraction of units named, multilingual annotation and OCR annotation tool. POZIAI allows you to shorten the Life Cycle of NLP development for customers by 50-80%, as well as reducing the costs of testing and validation of non-standard NLP models by 5 times, and reducing the need for manual annotations by 12 times. This platform also copes with the complexity of the annotation, unlocking the data of scanned paintings and PDF documents. In addition, the function of automatic marking of POJIAI allows clients to accelerate their NLP projects, and the pre-evidence allows clients to start their annotation project without wasting time. Finally, POZIAI allows clients to generate training data and export models in many formats, which makes it a comprehensive solution for all needs related to NLP.