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Like chatgpt, this advanced application enabling conversation also has the internet search function. Thanks to this, the user can receive more richer information and better meet his information needs. Regardless of whether you need to answer questions in the field of learning, solutions to mathematical problems, news from the world or anything else – this application is ready to help you.Viewing the Internet is currently an integral part of our everyday life. We often need to look for specific information, for example the answers to the questions that bother us. Sometimes we also need tips, suggestions or other forms of support. This advanced application combines these two functions – the ability to talk to chatgpt and browsing the Internet. This is due to search engine engines that are built into this application.Thanks to this function, any question or topic that you discuss in a conversation through the application can be additionally supported by the content found on the web. This means that you now have access to a huge amount of information and content that can be useful in different contexts. Not only do you receive answers generated by ChatgPT, but you can also check what the internet is saying about this.In addition, browsing the Internet during a conversation with CHATGPT allows you to justify the answer based on specific data and online resources. So if you are looking for information to increase your knowledge or simply curiosity, you can easily get quick access to the right sources. This application also allows you to view multimedia, such as movies or photos, which further enriches the user’s experience.By using this modern application, you can talk to a wide range of topics and be sure that they will be supported by current information found on the web. It is a priceless tool for knowledge seekers, students, people interested in a given topic or just for everyone who is interested in the world around us.Thanks to this innovative application function, you now have access to the two most important aspects: intelligent conversations and internet search. Take advantage of these possibilities and use the rich knowledge that both of these functions can provide you with. Regardless of whether you need quick answers, conversations on a wide topic, or just want to satisfy your curiosity – this application is an ideal solution for you.