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EUSUMP is a free extension for a browser that allows users to access chatgpt from any website, without leaving the page. It can improve writing, help in answers to questions and provide inspiration for different communication styles. It does not store any personal data and requires an OpenAI account for use. They can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Webstore store. Thanks to the EUMP, you can now use chatgpt in a convenient and trouble -free way, without having to interrupt your browser activity. Effectively improves communication and allows you to quickly get answers to bothering questions, thanks to which your online experience becomes even more effective. And most importantly, EUMP cares for your privacy and security, it does not retain any personal information. Just have an OPENAI account to fully use the potential of this extension. If you are a Google Chrome browser user, you can easily download and install the EUMP directly from the Google Chrome Webstore store, which makes the process even simpler. Go to the official extension page, click „Download” and enjoy all the benefits of universal access to chatgPT on each website you visit. Writing, asking questions or finding inspiration in various communication styles has never been so easy! Do not wait, download the EU now and open new possibilities in your virtual browser!