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Voicetype is an extension of the Chrome browser that helps users quickly and easily write emails. It uses artificial intelligence to generate e-mails based on verbal descriptions provided by the user. It is designed to help those who have difficulty writing emails, or those who simply want to be more productive. It also has functions such as speech recognition, thanks to which it can understand various accents, and allows you to adapt e-mails to specific conversations. Thanks to Voicetype, writing emails becomes easier and more effective. Users can simply tell what they want to write about, and AI will do the rest by generating the right emails. This not only saves time, but also helps in communication with various recipients. Thanks to the speech recognition function, Voicetype is able to understand and interpret intonation, which means that generated emails are even more personalized. It is an ideal tool for people who do not feel confident in writing e-mails and for those who want to increase their productivity. Thanks to Voicetype, writing e-mails becomes simpler and more intuitive. Now you don’t have to worry about looking for the right words or correct grammar – just tell about your intentions, and Voicetype will turn them into bright and professional emails. Regardless of the accent or tone of speech, Voicetype is able to understand and interpret the ideas of user, adapting the generated messages to specific situations. It is a tool that not only improves writing e-mails, but also helps in building effective business relationships and communication. Thanks to Voicetype, everyone can be more productive and confident in the world of digital correspondence.