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Whot.Tech is a communication tool that allows you to talk to GPT-3 and DALL · E 2-advanced artificial intelligence technologies developed by Open AI. Now you can use these tools directly in your favorite communication application, WhatsApp.Thanks to whot.Tech, users can create images based on a description or tips, adding only the „#image 'hashtag at the beginning or end of the description. It’s amazing how quickly and easily you can generate and share images in chat!Whot.Tech offers a free plan that gives users the opportunity to use 8 free response tokens. Additional tokens can also be purchased for USD 2.99. This is an excellent option for those who need more possibilities and want to use the extensive functions of this platform.Thanks to Whot.Tech, you now have full control over your conversations and creativity. You no longer have to search for separate applications or tools to communicate with GPT-3 and DALL · E 2. Use WhatsApp as your center for creating images and conducting conversations, using the latest artificial intelligence technologies. Transform your conversations into real masterpieces!