Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools

Xmagic is an AI tool that assists users in storing and managing private files. It allows users to send PDF files or text files to create their own knowledge base for AI assistant. AI assistant learns the user’s knowledge and can answer his questions. Using XMAGIC, users have the ability to store and organize their files in a convenient and personalized way. All files sent are protected and preserved in a safe environment. Thanks to this, users can be sure that their private data is well protected and confidential. In addition, XMagic offers an intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate and access their knowledge base. The AI ​​assistant is constantly improving, learning on the basis of users’ knowledge and adapting to their needs. In this way, Xmagic becomes not only a tool for storing and managing file, but also an intelligent partner in solving problems and providing personalized answers. Thanks to XMagic, users have a guarantee of comprehensive and effective service, gaining the possibility of finding information quickly and solving even the most complex questions.