Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools is a search engine powered by artificial intelligence that helps users learn, work faster and write using artificial intelligence. It contains over 150 applications that allow personalization of search results, as well as functions such as private search and a multi -dimensional interface for faster discovery. YOUCH is also available so that users can talk. is not only an ordinary internet search engine, but also a comprehensive tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to provide users with the best experience when using the Internet. Thanks to the use of AI technology, can personalize search results so that they best suit the individual preferences and needs of users. The availability of over 150 applications allows additional personalization of searched information, adapting it to the user’s interests and goals. In addition, the function of private search provides protection of user privacy, eliminating tracking and collecting data on their online activity. The multidimensional interface allows you to discover information faster, enabling user interaction in various contexts at the same time. Thanks to this, users can discover various aspects of a given subject and broaden their knowledge in a more interactive way. The offered YOUCH is an additional way of communication for users, enabling conversations and interaction with other users. Through YOUCHT, users can share ideas, ask questions and exchange information in real time. is a comprehensive tool that efficiently combines AI, personalization and interaction to enable users to be as effective and effective as possible as available as available online resources. This is an innovative solution that allows you to find information faster, improve skills and develop knowledge in a way that follows individual needs and preferences.