Zeemo AI

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The ZEEMO tool is an automatic tool for adding subtitles and video editing, which can automatically add inscriptions in 17 languages ​​with an accuracy of above 98%, while offering dynamic styles and functions of the batch edition. The kit also includes a translation function, subtitles templates and a comprehensive tool for creating movies with the possibility of editing music. Zeemo is a comprehensive solution for filmmakers that guarantees high quality subtitles, ease of use and rich editing capabilities, both at the level of individual clips and entire films. Thanks to the possibility of translating subtitles, ZEEMO enables wide application in international markets, and various styles and functions of batch edition make the film creation process even more effective and fully adapted to the individual preferences of the user. Regardless of whether you are the creator of the movies, a marketer looking for effective video promotion tools or an ordinary user looking for a simple to use program to create movies, ZEEMO is a solution that is worth paying attention to.