Graphic design

I specialize in graphic design, including designing websites, landing pages, brochures, business cards, banners, email newsletters and also materials for social media. To ensure the highest quality and creativity, I use professional tools such as Adobe Photoshop and innovative programs based on artificial intelligence, including Midjourney.

Harnessing the power of AI

The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to generate innovative solutions that surpass traditional design methods. In an additional combination with photoshop, it gives unprecedented results.

High quality designs

I pay special attention to details. Whether I'm creating a social media post or designing a business card, you can count on high quality and diligence in every element. Every project is important to me, so I always deliver work that meets and often exceeds expectations.

Understanding the recipient

Each project is created with a specific audience in mind. This means that I always take into account what is important to them, what their expectations are, what content and style appeals to them most strongly. Such personalization makes my designs not only aesthetically pleasing, but above all effective.

Speed of execution

Thanks to efficient time management, proven work methodologies and the use of the benefits of artificial intelligence, I am able to complete graphic design projects in an impressively short time.

Portfolio (Social Media Posts)

Below you will find the results of my graphic design work dedicated to social media. I create unique and attractive graphics that attract attention and generate user engagement. My designs are optimized for specific platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to ensure maximum effectiveness of visual communication. I use creativity and knowledge of user preferences to deliver graphics that effectively convey a message and stand out in a flurry of content on social media.

Portfolio (Social Media Cover Photo)

Below you will find the results of my work related to creating images for backgrounds for sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. My designs are characterized by professional design and attractive compositions that perfectly match the background of the company website.

Portfolio (Other graphic design projects)

In my work as a graphic designer, I focus on creating designs that make a strong impression on viewers. My approach is based on innovation and creativity, resulting in unique graphic designs that stand out from the competition.

Freelance graphic designer - Graphic design

Graphics are one of the most important forms of communication in today’s world. Properly designed graphic elements can convey ideas, build brands and influence consumer decisions. As a freelancer specializing in graphic design, my work involves creating extraordinary designs that communicate with audiences on a level that goes beyond simple words.

The most important aspect of my work is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the design process. The use of AI in my work allows me to generate original and unique graphics and stock images that are unique and tailored to the specific needs of the client. Thanks to this, I can create designs that are not only attractive, but also unambiguously associated with the brand, which translates into greater brand recognition and effectiveness.

I specialize in many types of projects, such as web design (webdesign), creating graphics for social media, designing banners for online stores (e-commerce), as well as creating flyers, business cards, posters and much more. Each of these projects requires a different approach and different skills, and my experience and knowledge allow me to effectively accommodate these differences.

Regardless of the type of project, my priority is always high quality. I strive for perfection in every detail, starting from the choice of colors, to the selection of fonts, to the composition of the entire project. Each element is carefully considered and designed to serve its purpose and fit into the overall concept of the project.

A very important aspect of my work is to understand the recipient. Each project is created with a specific audience in mind, and is designed to convey a specific idea, value or message. Proper understanding of the audience is the key to creating an effective graphic design that will serve its purpose.

Last, but not least, is the speed of implementation. I understand that time is money, so I always try to deliver my projects on time without compromising quality. In my work, I balance speed and precision to provide clients with the best results in the shortest possible time.

In summary, my offer is professional graphic design services using the latest technologies and trends. If you are looking for a graphic designer who is not only creative and experienced, but also focused on meeting your specific needs and expectations, feel free to contact me.