Portfolio (SEO)

Below are the results of my work in the field of SEO. My SEO strategies translate into high search engine rankings, increased visibility and generate more traffic to my clients’ sites. Through content optimization, competitive analysis and effective link building, I have achieved significant results for a variety of sites. 

Portfolio (Webdesign)

Below are the results of my work in web design. My strategy related to design is based on a creative approach to design, understanding clients’ needs and taking care to design according to the latest trends, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and functional websites that increase user engagement and enhance the browsing experience.

Portfolio (Social Media Posts)

Below you will find the results of my graphic design work dedicated to social media. I create unique and attractive graphics that attract attention and generate user engagement. My designs are optimized for specific platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to ensure maximum effectiveness of visual communication. I use creativity and knowledge of user preferences to deliver graphics that effectively convey a message and stand out in a flurry of content on social media.

Portfolio (Social Media Cover Photo)

Below you will find the results of my work related to creating images for backgrounds for sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. My designs are characterized by professional design and attractive compositions that perfectly match the background of the company website.

Portfolio (TikTok / YT Shorts)

Below you will find the results of my work creating video content for YouTube Shorts and TikTok. I create short, dynamic videos that are perfectly suited to the formats of these platforms. My videos are distinguished by creative editing, appropriately selected music and out-of-the-box visual effects that capture viewers’ attention.

Portfolio (Tutorials / Courses / Videos)

Below you will find the results of my work related to the creation of tutorials and video courses in the field of web development, computer graphics and new technologies. I create detailed and accessible materials to help users gain knowledge and skills in these areas.

Portfolio (Other graphic design projects)

In my work as a graphic designer, I focus on creating designs that make a strong impression on viewers. My approach is based on innovation and creativity, resulting in unique graphic designs that stand out from the competition.

Portfolio - Web development, graphic design, seo

Want to know what my skills and experience are? I invite you to my portfolio, which is a cross-section of my work as a freelancer. From web development to graphic design to SEO optimization, I present here a variety of projects I have done for my clients.

My first area of specialization is web development. I use state-of-the-art technology and tools, such as WordPress, for this purpose. Each website I create is based on a custom graphic design that is tailored to the client’s specific business and audience preferences. In addition, the pages are optimized for SEO, which helps improve visibility in search results. I also take care of responsiveness, i.e. adjusting the site to display on different devices. My services include content personalization, initial text creation and professional technical support.

Another area of my work is graphic design. Through the use of artificial intelligence, I am able to generate original and unique designs that are both tailored to the client’s needs and audience expectations. My graphic designs are not only aesthetically appealing, but also effective – they can attract attention and convey a message. Speed of execution is another asset – I understand that in business, time is money, so I try to complete orders as quickly as possible.

Last, but not least, is SEO. I realize the importance of well-executed SEO for a company’s online success. That’s why I offer SEO services that are effective, transparent and customized. Monthly reports, valuable links, hassle-free contact, versatility and savings, strategies tailored to the client’s budget, payment for specific actions and professional advice – you will find all this in my SEO offer.

My portfolio is proof of my skills and experience. It shows that I am able to meet various challenges and deliver top quality services. I invite you to take a look at my realizations – I’m sure you’ll find that I’m the right person for your project.