Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I create effective SEO strategies focused on increasing your website’s visibility in search results. I combine innovative link building techniques with on-page optimization, tailoring the strategy to the specific needs of your business.

Monthly reports

I guarantee full transparency by providing detailed monthly reports. These reports succinctly outline all the actions that have been taken, and show how these actions have affected your site's position.

Only valuable links

My SEO strategy focuses on building valuable links that come from reputable sources and are in the context of articles. I don't use directories, blog comments, spammy links on forums, etc.

Always know what you're paying for

I attach great importance to full financial transparency. Each cost is carefully listed, so you know how much you pay for links, how much for copywriter services and what my commission is. You always know where your money is going.

No long-term commitments

You don't have to worry about long-term contracts or notice periods - If at any time you feel that the cooperation is not going in the expected direction, you have full opportunity to terminate it immediately. Your comfort and satisfaction are most important to me.

Portfolio (SEO)

Below are the results of my work in the field of SEO. My SEO strategies translate into high search engine rankings, increased visibility and generate more traffic to my clients’ sites. Through content optimization, competitive analysis and effective link building, I have achieved significant results for a variety of sites.

SEO Freelancer Poland

In today’s digital world, professional SEO is key to the success of any business. But what does this mean for you and your business? Let me make this clear.

As an experienced SEO freelancer, I specialize in helping companies like yours improve their online visibility. But it’s not just about being visible. It’s about being visible to the right people, in the right place and at the right time. Good SEO means that your website is easily accessible to people who are looking for your services or products. This is the key to increasing website traffic, boosting sales and ultimately growing your business.

One of the most important aspects of my offer is that I do not require you to make long-term commitments. I understand that business is a dynamic environment, and the situation can change from day to day. Therefore, you pay for the month in advance and can cancel whenever you want. This flexible approach allows you the freedom to manage your budget and tailor your SEO strategy to meet the current needs and goals of your business.

Above all, I value transparency in my work. Therefore, every month you will receive a detailed report from me. It will include everything I did in a given month, what the costs were and what commission I took. This way you will always know where your money is going. Understanding how SEO works and what exactly I do to improve your position in search results is key to building a strong, sustainable and effective SEO strategy.

One of the most important aspects of effective SEO is building valuable links. A good link building strategy is one that focuses on quality, not quantity. I only link on reliable sites. I do not use directories, pretzels or link exchanges. Every link I build for your site is carefully selected to improve its position in search results.

In my work, I focus on communication. Whether you have questions, need help, or want to discuss the details of the latest report, I am always available. I communicate by phone, e-mail or Google Meet – choose the most convenient way for you and you can always count on my help and support.

My services are not limited to SEO. I have a wide range of skills, from web development to SEO to computer graphics. As a result, I am able to offer you a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of your online presence. It also means that my services are competitively priced – instead of hiring several different specialists, you get everything you need in one place.

I know that not every business has the same budget. That’s why I offer strategies that are tailored to your financial capabilities. Regardless of the size of your budget, I am here to help. Everything I do is directed at giving you the highest possible return on your investment.

I know exactly that every penny counts. Therefore, you only pay for specific activities. Every zloty you invest is converted into real, concrete actions. There is no room for inactivity – you always know where your money is going.

My role does not end with providing the service. I am involved in every project I undertake, offering practical advice and guidance to help you get the most out of our partnership. I support you not only in the technical aspects of SEO, but also in the strategic aspects, helping you understand how SEO affects your overall business strategy and how you can use this information to further your growth.

In summary, as an SEO freelancer, I offer flexibility, transparency, quality, accessibility, versatility, economy, matching your budget, concrete actions and professional advice. All of this makes me able to offer you SEO services that really deliver results. I believe that these qualities, combined with my experience and knowledge, can help your business succeed online. Feel free to contact me to learn more about what I can offer your company.